The Unanswered Questions in ‘Army Of Thieves’ has Revealed After Watch On 123Movies

The Unanswered Questions in ‘Army Of Thieves’ has Revealed After Watch On 123Movies

The prequel to Army of the Dead, Army of Thieves, leaves some unanswered questions – you would find the answers after watching online at 123Movies. The tale of Army of Thieves is set several years before the events of Army of the Dead and follows Ludwig Dieter, also known as Sebastian, the safecracker who unlocks Army of the Dead’s Götterdämmerung safe. Dieter is hired as the new safecracker by international crooks Gwendoline, Rolph, Korina, and Brad.

Dieter is tasked with breaking three of Hans Wagner’s four legendary safes: Das Rheingold, Valkyrie, and Siegfried. All three are found and opened by the crew. Everyone save Dieter, however, winds up in Interpol’s hands in the end. The origins of Army of the Dead’s Ludwig Dieter are revealed in great detail in Army of Thieves. The film’s conclusion, on the other hand, fails to answer some of the issues and puzzles that have been raised during the film. Here are the answers to Army of Thieves’ most burning questions.

What Role Does Bly Tanaka Play In The Army Of Thieves Events?

In Army of the Dead, Bly Tanaka, a casino owner, employs Scott Ward’s crew to collect $200 million from the Götterdämmerung beneath the zombie-infested Vegas Strip. Korina shows the crew a photograph of Tanaka’s Army of Thieves appearance during her intel presentation on Wagner’s safes. Tanaka has all four of Wagner’s famed safes, which could indicate that he was part in Dieter’s quest to find and open each masterpiece, as revealed in Army of Thieves. Given Tanaka’s resources, it’s plausible that he engineered the events in Army of Thieves, including the keyhole competition, to discover the individual capable of unlocking all four safes. Tanaka could’ve tried to find Dieter earlier, despite the fact that his genuine objective in Army of the Dead was to retrieve an alpha zombie’s head. Dieter may be the only locksmith competent to secure Tanaka’s wealth because he is the guy who most knows Hans Wagner’s goal. It would also make sense if Gwendoline had been working for Tanaka all along. You can find this scene when you watching it by streaming online movie on the internet.

Is Korina a Traitor to Gwendoline and Dieter?

Korina is the expert hacker among the ensemble of international criminals in Army of Thieves. Interpol apprehends Korina after the third and last theft. Korina is told by Beatrix that if she gives up the other members of her crew, Interpol will take after Korina’s younger brother while she is in prison. While Korina seemed to be considering the offer, Army of Thieves does not reveal whether she accepted it or betrayed Gwendoline and Dieter. However, the next scene shows Interpol apprehending Gwendoline and Dieter, implying that Korina betrayed them. Another scenario, which makes more sense, is that Korina handed Interpol the location of Brad and Rolph instead. While Korina is unlikely to betray Gwendoline or Dieter, she has no love for Brad and Rolph, and handing them up would be a far better deal for guaranteeing the future of her younger brother.

Why did Delacroix let Dieter to flee?

While Army of Thieves isn’t a zombie film like Army of the Dead, it does feature a classic film trope: the robbery. Delacroix also plays an important role in this theft as an Interpol agent pursuing down the perpetrators. Delacroix finally gets his big break after he catches Gwendoline and Dieter trying to depart on a boat after spending the majority of the film being outsmarted. Gwendoline manages to persuade Delacroix that Dieter is a nobody who needs to be fired. On the one hand, Dieter is an amateur robber who is in well over his head, unlike the rest of the crew. Dieter, on the other side, is a master safecracker who, despite being captured, has managed to open some of the world’s most difficult vaults. It’s inexcusable that Interpol would let go of such a crucial suspect in such a high-profile case.

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