The Latest Disney’s Movies, “Raya and the Last Dragon” Go Online at Gomovies

The Latest Disney’s Movies, “Raya and the Last Dragon” Go Online at Gomovies

The newest addition to Disney’s animated film library, which you can watch on Gomovies online, has arrived and delivers an exciting, heartwarming story with a message that feels almost too pertinent to today’s world. “Raya and the Last Dragon” is set in the imaginary kingdom of Kumandra, where the humans lived in peace with mystical dragons thousands of years ago. When the Druun, a malevolent entity bent on turning everyone it comes into contact with into stone, the dragons gathered together to create a jewel Sisu, the last dragon (voiced by Awkwafina), to defeat the enemy.

People dispersed into their own parts of the planet and lived in isolation. The jewel shatters in a botched peace offering, and the Druun comes to wreak devastation. Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) will arise to save the planet from destruction.

The Stories

On a great and small scale, the issue of trust, or rather the lack thereof, runs throughout the film. Raya has a hard time trusting the people she meets at times. Benja, her father, tries to teach her the value of trust and cooperation at every opportunity. Raya even employs those lessons when attempting to make friends with Namaari, a fellow princess (voiced by Gemma Chan). Namaari betrays her, igniting a vicious conflict that lasts the whole of the film that you can find on 123Movies site.

On a grander scale, Raya’s father, Benja (voiced by Daniel Dae Kim), wishes to accept the other kingdoms’ uniqueness in order to bring them all together as one. At first, neither party can trust the other, and they let their greed get the best of them. There are a lot of real-world analogies here. Through solid plot beats and character moments, the writing team smoothly conveys the point. They deserve kudos.

Raya is played by Tran, who heads the mostly Asian cast. She has a fierceness about her, yet she also has a charming aspect about her. Raya has an edge to her after a devastating betrayal as a child, and it’s understandable. Together with Awkwafina’s ever-optimistic Sisu, the two create a friendship that provides the film with both humor and emotional weight.

The Voices

A delightful ensemble of supporting characters joins the action in the flick. Raya meets a variety of colorful misfits in the countries she visits, from the young, soft boat captain Boun (voiced by Izaac Wang) to the “raw and gritty” warrior Tong (voiced by Benedict Wong) to even a con artist infant and her trio of mischievous monkeys. She is first hesitant to trust them, but over the course of the film, she learns to embrace their differences and establish a “found family” with the help of Sisu. They bond via their shared Druun pain, which resulted in some powerful emotional scenes that had me teary-eyed on several times.

Raya and Namaari’s interaction was the one that drew my curiosity the most. After what happened in their youth, there is a lot of tension between the two of them. The battling banter between these two is enthralling and entertaining, yet the moments they spend apart demonstrate the baggage that came with Namaari’s betrayal. Despite the fact that Namaari is the villain, the audience can understand her point of view. They appear to be fully-rounded characters, with arcs that fit in nicely with the broader concept of trust.

While the picture lacked the typical Disney song sequence, it was jam-packed with thrilling action. The combat choreography was exciting and never lacked in intensity. Kumandra is a bright and beautiful land. The filmmakers were inspired by Southeast Asian countries and used aspects from many different civilizations to create a distinct environment. Kumandra stands apart from other Disney settings thanks to its inventiveness, superb animation, and vibrant colors.

“Raya and the Last Dragon” is available as part of Disney+’s premiere access, but you can also watch it on Gomovies. The price is certainly worth it if you have children to entertain or simply want a movie with a positive message.

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