Fantastic ‘Sang-Chi: The Legend of The Ten Rings’ on Streaming with 123Movies

Fantastic ‘Sang-Chi: The Legend of The Ten Rings’ on Streaming with 123Movies

At several country, cinemas have just reopened, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the first major film to lack a crystal clear 4K version that can be easily downloaded from The Pirate Bay, despite being postponed almost a month from its US premiere, or streaming on 123Movies. This means it’ll most likely be the film that reintroduces Malaysians to the multiplexes. It also means that the film has already been discussed and written about ad nauseam over the last month.

You’ve probably certainly heard all of the praise and clichés unless you’ve been living under a rock. It is, without a doubt, a victory for Asian American representation. No, Marvel did not fail to deliver when it came to staging the film’s several spectacular kung-fu set pieces. (Director Destin Daniel Cretton achieves the delicate balance of paying respect while not appearing derivative.) Simu Liu gets just enough screen time to impress.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is everything that a Marvel film should be. We knew the first installment of this new “phase” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have to do a lot of heavy lifting, introducing new characters (Shang-Chi, Eternals) and recasting existing ones (WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki). And this film is cut from the same cloth as the rest of the MCU’s first installments. It’s made to look like it came off the production line. It’s fast-paced and hilarious. It has everything of the big-screen superhero antics you’d expect, plus just enough heart and soul to keep things interesting.

Shang-Chi is a joyous return to theaters and a terrific day at the movies. Tony Leung and Michelle Yeoh are two of the most influential Asian legend artists in the film.

Tony Leung

Make no doubt about it. Tony Leung directed this film. He’s in charge of every scene he’s in. The Marvel movies, according to critics, have a villain problem. And, while they’re always agree with that assessment, some people confident that this depiction would put any such criticism to rest.

The most important figure on screen is Leung, who plays estranged Shang-Chi’s father Wenwu. He takes on entire civilizations by himself, finds love, has children, and raises a family, and does it all with the same stoicism that has made him one of Hong Kong’s greatest actors of all time. His depiction is so passionate that you’ll find yourself sympathizing with Wenwu’s obsessive and despotic ambition.

You could believe this is just hyperbole. A fanboy’s delight at the news that Tony Leung has finally (finally!) been discovered by Hollywood. But tell me this isn’t the best performance you’ve seen in the MCU to date as you walk out of the theater.

Michelle Yeoh

Between Star Trek: Discovery, Crazy Rich Asians, and a slew of minor appearances in films like Last Christmas, Boss Level, and Gunpowder Milkshake, Michelle Yeoh has had something of a rebirth in recent years. She offers a seriousness to whatever role she does, whether dramatic, funny, or sassy (or all three at once), that elevates each of those performances in some way.

Michelle Yeoh may not get as much time on screen as the rest of the Shang-Chi cast, only appearing near the conclusion of the second act, but the way she behaves herself has such a calm grandeur that you’ll be blown back in your seat. Despite the fact that her character’s role in the film is solely explanatory, Yeoh owns every word and commands every moment, finding the ideal blend of lovely and tranquil with unyielding strength and absolute badassery.

Both of these acts are at the heart of Shang-strength. Chi’s These two film legends, who have spent their careers wowing us in countless dramas, romances, and action thrillers, have finally been granted the chance to apply their magic to a Marvel film. Without the two of them, you couldn’t make an MCU version of a wuxia fictional Chinese martial arts film.

When you got Shang-Chi on 123Movies streaming, you may watch it on the biggest screen imaginable. You’ll come for the big-budget action and witty banter that has become a Marvel standard, but you’ll stay for Tony Leung and Michelle Yeoh’s sheer, unadulterated cool.

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