Shooting Skateboarding Videos That Are Capable of Going Viral

Filming and editing skateboarding videos can certainly be quite challenging, given that it’s far from being a photographer’s usual stuff. The reason behind shooting the videos may be to get some exposure for the skater or perhaps even the photographer, or maybe to make it go viral over the social media so that the skateboarder gets the attention they are looking for.

Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help you shoot some great skateboarding videos.

The Skating Tricks!

Well, although quite obvious, it’s probably worth mentioning that some impressive skateboarding tricks are a must for shooting a great video. While your photography skills may help enhance the video and make the tricks look better, they need to be good enough in the first place.

It’s simple, isn’t it? You just can’t show what’s not there. So make sure the skater you’re filming is actually a good skater and can perform fairly impressive tricks.

Trying Different Tricks

A couple of tricks may not really cut it even if they are good enough. To make a reasonably long video that’s worthy of being shared you need to have a balanced variety of skateboarding tricks. You can also try using different obstacles for this.

Also, it’s not recommended to make the skater perform tricks they aren’t comfortable with or don’t perform on a regular basis. Let them be original and they will probably do much better.

Filming Tips

Well, not that you know quite a bit about the type of tricks to shoot and all that stuff, let us now talk about some filming tips. Firstly, remember that unless you require the end result to something very specific, you need to be as close to your subject as you can. However, don’t get too close as you may fall over or get the camera damaged.

You also need to shoot from as many different angles as possible. Similarly, don’t hold the camera between the bellybutton to the top of the head of your subject for too long, as it may get too boring to watch.

Editing Tips

First things first, it’s important to make the clips only as long as they need to be. Similarly, avoid putting the clips shot from the same angle one after another as it may get boring too.

Don’t rely too much on slow-mo or fast-mo, they have got their own limitations. Finally, don’t forget to hear the sound without watching the video and watch the video without the sound. This will help you find out any inconsistencies in the video.

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